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1013300_10152665417468018_1260133648_n.j provides a in-depth journey into what's currently trending in the contemporary art world. Historically the site has featured artist interviews and gallery openings, and has always had a strong core of followers. Michael Cuffe launched Warholian in 2010, which had a reader base of over 250k for many years. Today it still retains an active social scope of over 165k followers on Facebook, 6.5k on Instagram, and many visitors to the core site. 


Facebook: (169k followers)

Instagram: (6.5k followers)

Twitter: (1.6k followers)

California's Napa Valley.jpg

A visual social brand highlighting the beauty of California's Napa Valley. The Brand Owner / Photographer is Michael Cuffe. California's Napa Valley has just over 4,750 Instagram followers specific to the Napa Valley, Wine Drinkers and Enthusiasts. The formal site is set to launch by late 2019.

Website: (announced late 2019)

Facebook: (1.1k followers)

Instagram: (4.7k followers)

Twitter: (340 followers)

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